Eric Barnhill

I use medical physics and mathematical methods to study neuroplasticity and human performance.
About Me
I am currently a PhD student in Medical Physics at the University of Edinburgh, where I study brain-muscle interaction using magnetic resonance physics. My CV is here.

Prior to 2011 I was a music/movement educator and therapist working in the New York City area, where I designed and taught my own method of music-movement therapy called Cognitive Eurhythmics. I am certified in the Feldenkrais and Dalcroze methods. I also designed a musical training curriculum for gifted students that, last I heard, is in use at five different prep programs in the US.

I originally trained as a classical pianist and played concerts in the United States, Canada and Europe. I maintain a weblog of musical improvisations at The Daily Improvisation.

I went to Haverford College and hail from Madison, Wisconsin. I now live in Edinburgh, Scotland with my wife and son. I wrote an autobiographical article for Haverford's alumni magazine which can be found here.

You can reach me at my name, all one word, all lower case, at gmail dot com.
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